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Hello Traders,

You’ve done your homework in understanding charts and how to trade microcap stocks. You’d love to jump into trading big board stocks like AAPL, but at over $600 a share is the price really worth it?

My program involves helping you the trader understand how to take some of the technicals you’ve learned by trading stocks, learn the basics of options trading, and apply both in a winning strategy that has brought myself as well as my students over 20 to 100% gains from trade after trade.

Having a strong background in mathematics, science, and experience as a school teacher allows me to critically break down and explain the factors involved with options trading in order to minimize risk and maximize profits in predicting stock movement. After trading and following big board stocks like AAPL through countless sessions, I have developed successful methods on anticipating how these stocks move intraday, off of fundamentals, and through their charts. You can ask some of our own traders about my dedication in helping you understand these movements, plan and execute your trades, and help you take home maximum profits.

Here’s to the next level in your trading,

-Mark (Antaconda)

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