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Here are some members, making money, with us.
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Education Alone Worth $1000's

"Your web site is worth thousands of dollars alone for just the educational use only. The alerts are super valuable as it brings attention to a trade that has not hit my scanner. TSLA and APPL were two great scalp trades two weeks in a row. You knocked it out of the park with both those and I want to thank you for those."

I am up $1,310!

"I have been trading VERY conservatively for about 2 months now with OptionsElite spread calls and just checked my profit/loss for that period. After commissions I am up $1,310! Why am I so excited over a relatively small profit? Because my previous attempts at options had me at a loss and even worse, not really understanding options in general. Thank you for creating a great environment for options traders to come together and share experiences."

Your help was excellent

"Mark, I made two spread buys last week, as a newbie, and was scared to death. You held me by the hand and guided me skillfully through the selling phase (in your webinar). Your additional help was excellent, and I’m looking forward to much trading as I learn more and more from your lessons, and your chat sessions. I’m sure most newbies are like me…but your counsel makes it easier to comprehend. And WOW! made a great profit too (+$2882). Thanks!"

Paul S.



Is Options Trading Risky?
Wait, Aren't Options Risky?
When properly traded, we believe
options trading is much
less risky than trading stocks.
Start learning more about options, today.
Our clear and simple education section will guide
you through getting started with options, and show
you how to control risk and enhance gains.
Learn Options Trading with our Videos
From getting started with options trading to learning advanced
trading methods, our video education section has many hours of material
that will get you on track to be a winning options trader.
learn options trading with our videos
Why, Options Trading?
Options trading offers you the
big percent gain potential of a low priced stock while playing less volatile large
cap stocks.
Why Options Trading
The Most Timely Options Trade Alerts
Receive trade alerts fast and on multiple devices.
recieve alerts by email, chat and phone
Our Track Record
About 70% Wins over the past 9 months

Here's a list of our option trade alerts. As you can see we commonly trade spreads along with plain calls and puts.

If you don't understand these types of trades, I have many tutorials available in the members area to bring you up to speed quickly

Most Recently Closed Trades

These trades and win/loss ratio are calculated from historical data. While we strive to make this as accurate as possible, there's always a chance that some trades might be missing from the archive. * the $100k portfolio is based on Profit/Loss statistics of closed trades and is meant to simulate trading 10% position sizes on option spreads and 5% position sizes on all other trades. It is aimed to be as accurate as we can make it, but we make no guarantees you'll see the same results. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your win/loss ratio? Can I see your track record.

A: Go here to view our trade archive and win/loss data.

Q: I've never traded options before, can I join?

A: YES! One of the great strengths of OptionsElite is the easy to follow educational material. You'll be up and running with options trading in no time.

Q: How much money should I have in my account?

A: It's best to have at least $25k in your trading account. However, this is not a requirement. The $25k allows you to open and close trades within a 24 hr span (aka Day Trade).

Q: What I've heard of options, is that they are extremely risking. Is that true?

A: I believe options trading offers a great amount of control with your trades. Most people improperly trade options, therefore creating unnecessary risk. I aim to show you how to properly trade options to enhance your wins and soften your losses.

Q: What does OptionsElite offer me, that I can't just get from watching CNBC?

A: We are a dedicated group of traders with many years of trading experience. With an active chat room of over 100 option traders and a forum posted to daily with detailed chart analysis and a robust educational section complete with over 30 hours of videos, we offer you a very interactive experience. We take you from learning options to exceling at them. So, even if you're a member for a few months, you still walk away with gained insight and strategies.

Q: Who the heck is OptionsElite?

A: OptionsElite is an options trading alert and education service. It is lead by the highly qualified team of ...


options team Terry has been creating powerful trading tools for decades. He’s also a veteran stock trader. He is constantly working to build OptionsElite into a better and better place for investors to learn and become sucessful with options. Terry also created and runs StockMarketWatch.com.
options team With a strong background in mathematics, science, and experience as a school teacher allows Mark to critically break down and explain the factors involved with options in order to minimize risk and maximize profits. After trading big board stocks like AAPL through countless sessions, Mark has developed successful methods on anticipating how these stocks move intraday, with fundamentals and technical analysis.
options team Justin is a veteran trader and a master of charts. You will see him in the live chat talking stocks, but his true strengths are shown in our forums. Within Justin’s “Swing Swing Trades” service, he gives detailed analysis of his trade ideas and where to enter and exit, and why. He focuses on deep in-the-money calls and puts for straightforward options trade alert, that are simple but powerful.
The Team at OptionsElite is Dedicated to
Making You a Better Trader
Join Today, and let us prove it to you...





Q: I have additional questions about your service, how do I contact you?

A: Please send me an email at Mark@optionselitepicks.com, I'll be happy to answer your questions.

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