Are investor numb to negative news? Market Pulse

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S&P Futures are attempting a continued press here in pre-market trading and have already re-established new all-time highs. Dip buying is continuing to work like a charm, so I am watching the lower time frames for any retractions into support for possible long interest. First teir support on the daily is down at 2800…. Traders and investors seem unresponsive to the recent government shutdown its almost like the market is numb to any sort of negative news.

Gold Futures are pushing hard here, bulls are back in control of this morning and appear to have run room here back up into the 1360 territory before next resistance. Initial support is down in the 1340 area.

Crude Oil Futures are continuing to consolidate just beneath 52-week highs but appear to be stalled here. I am watching the current price range for a break above or below as confirmation of the next move. Initial support below the current range is down in the 62 and then 60 area.

Stocks on Watch

ANTH is continuing to push in pre-market trading after yesterday’s run-up. Price has cleared critical resistance and at this point, I believe that upside exists into the 2.00 territory. I am going to be watching for bulls to hold their ground on this move after the bell as confirmation of the move.


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