S&P bulls gun for 3,000: Market Pulse

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S&P Futures have hit new all-time highs in overnight trading as bulls push for that 3,000 marker which is just less than 200 points off. Day and swing traders will be taking every opportunity to buy the dips on this advance as long as this broader trend movement holds steady.

Gold Futures are beginning to dip after last week’s advance. I am eyeing current support in the 1319 area should price continue to lower for a possible swing long.

Crude Oil Futures have continued to stair-step higher, but it looks like bulls have decided to take a little bit of a breather in overnight trading. There is initial support in the 63.58 territory and secondary support in the 62.67 area.

CAPR is up 6.7% in premarket trading at 1.90 and looks like it could have breakout potential over 2.00. I am looking for a little bit of a volume supported break of that level over which I see run room into the upper 2.4’s


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